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Affordable Pool Maintenance in Miami

Do you need pool service or maintenance? Call the [supreme kwid=31 kw=”Miami Pool Maintenance” url=”https://flopool.com/pool-maintenance-miami/” cpfl=false] Experts at FloPool! We make having a pool stress free and fun. Many People consider pool service and maintenance one of the same. While pool service addresses specific needs, pool maintenance goes beyond keeping the water clean and balanced, and more about keeping your pool equipment functioning properly. Depending on the type of system you have there are many different pieces that need regular, scheduled maintenance. Just like your car failure to do this may result in expensive repairs.

Aside from requiring some expertise, [supreme kwid=32 kw=”pool maintenance in Miami” url=”https://flopool.com/pool-maintenance-miami/” cpfl=false] is not fun, especially with the temperature near 90 degrees and the humidity at near 100%. It is during these days that people want to be taking a dip in the pool and not spending a couple of hours maintaining your pool. However, regardless of the weather, your pool has to be maintained.

Filter Maintenance

One of the most common and important proper pool maintenance task is filter maintenance. Your pool filter system is responsible for keeping your pool water sparkling and clean. In South Florida, there are several types of filtration system; the most popular being Sand, Cartridge and Diatomaceous Earth or (DE). Regardless of the type of filter your pool may have, it needs to be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis.

Other Flirters

Almost all modern pool system have a skimmer and pump lint and hair filter usually found at the pump. Maintaining these two filters clean is meant to ensuring a long life from your pool pump.  Both skimmer and pump lint and hair filter need to be cleaned on a weekly basis and sometimes more often in the event of bad weather such as hurricanes and severe storms where leaves and other debris may fall into the pool.

Shock & Chemical

Pool water quality and level should get tested weekly or every other day depending on use. Chemicals need to be added if necessary in accordance with manufacturers’ directions. It is a good idea to do regular shock treatment in order to keep your pool algae, bacteria free.

As you can see pool maintenance, not only requires dedication but the ability to maintain a schedule. You also need to possess the skill set to make the right judgment call as to what needs to be done in the event test come back with less than favorable results. This summer enjoy your pool and stop worrying about pool maintenance. Call the [supreme kwid=31 kw=”Miami Pool Maintenance” url=”https://flopool.com/pool-maintenance-miami/” cpfl=false] Experts at FloPool. We make having a pool fun!