Top Rated Pool Service, Maintenance, and Repair in Miami

Top Rated Pool Service, Maintenance, and Repair in Miami

Patio Pools are a big part of the South Florida lifestyle. Having a pool is a lot of fun. However, keeping your pool clean and the entire pool ecosystem working properly is not fun, but this is where we can be of service to you! The dedicated team of expert pool technicians at FloPool will keep your pool looking and functioning great. FloPool offers free estimates and customized packages specially designed to address needs of the individual pool owner. We are not pool boys we are a leading pool service provider, fully licensed and insured! If you are looking for the best pool service, pool maintenance, and pool repair in Miami, that comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee, call us today to schedule an appointment.

We offer the following services:

Commercial & Residential Pool Service in Miami, Florida

Commercial & Residential Pool Service

If reputation, quality, and professionalism matter to you, then FloPool should be your Miami Pool Service company of choice. We service both residential and commercial pools, are fully licensed and insured and offer one time or customized recurring packages designed to meet the requirement of your pool.

We are a fully licensed and insured pool heating, service and installation company

Pool System Installations Service

Whether you are looking to upgrade an old pool pump, filtering system, or switch a low voltage LED light the professionally trained, licensed and insured technicians at FloPool are here to help. We offer Pool System Installation services for a wide range of pool equipment and upgrades such as pool heaters, pumps, LED lights, salt systems, pool automation systems, eco-efficient pumps and more.

Pool and Spa Repair Service in Kendall Fl

Pool and Spa Repair

There are many small components that make a pool or spa work. Due to the hostile environment, the high humidity and assortment of chemicals, some of these devices are bound to fail. When this happens, just pick up the phone and call 305.253.7665. Our expert team can repair or replace any component your pool or spa may require. No job is too small or too large for Florida Swimming Pools LLC, and as with everything we do your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Pool Repair and Remodeling Company in Coral Gables, FL to help you Remodel or Repair you Swimming Pool.

Pool Remodeling

Is your pool looking old and in need of a facelift, or perhaps you just purchase a new home and have some renovation plans for your backyard? Call the Miami pool remodeling experts at FloPool. Today there are many options for those looking to improve the look and efficiency of your existing swimming pool. Technological advance in pool design and equipment has made swimming pool ownership more enjoyable, less expensive.

Affordable Pool Leak Detection Service Pinecrest Fl

Pool Leak Detection

If you find yourself adding more than one inch of water to your pool per week, you may be experiencing a leak. As part of our comprehensive pool service Florida Swimming Pools LLC., offers leak detection service in Miami for residential and commercial swimming pools. A leak, even a small one, can cost you a lot more than you may think. Call FloPool today for a free no obligation consultation.

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Emergency Pool Cleaning and Repair

So, your in-laws just called to let you know that they are flying down to Miami, and you just remember that because you have not maintained your pool, it is looking less than appealing! No problem; FloPool offers emergency pool cleaning in Miami. A lot of companies don’t like to do emergency pool cleaning and repairs, but we have no issue with that. We know that once you see us work you too will become a loyal client.

 shop swimming pool equipment such as filters, replacement parts, heating systems, salt water systems and plumbing supplies.

Pool Products and Equipment (with delivery!)

One of the things many pool owners agree on is that they don’t get the same results that the pros get when cleaning and or maintaining their pools. This is primary due to the quality of chemical available over the counter vs. those available to professionals. FloPool is now facilitating access to a wide range of pool chemicals and components such as pumps, LED lights, filters and more. For more details, please call our corporate office at 305.253.7665.